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Nicholle James

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

[email protected]

Data Analyst

Effective communicator, spoke about coding education at 3 conferences on 2 continents. My background gives me a unique outlook as I use my experience teaching Mathematics to teach programming. I use Python and SQL to clean and analyze data and HTML and CSS for emails and my website (which is still being created).

Technologies and Skills


Python, SQL, HTML, CSS


Scikit learn, Pandas

Data Visualization:

Seaborn, Matplotlib, Tableau

Data Collection:

Database Management:

Tableau, Google Analytics

SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Regularization with Lasso, Ridge, ElasticNet, Linear / Logistic Regression, KNN, Decision Trees, Model evaluation with ROC curve, Cross-validation, Grid-search, Random Forest

Professional Experience

GIRLS WHO CODE, San Ramon, CA 2017


Lead instruction and effectively maintained an engaging and accessible classroom environment for a highly diverse group of 20 high school girls. Managed and assessed students’ progress in and proficiency of hard and soft computer science skills (includes administering program evaluations to assess student’s understanding). Managed 2 Teaching Assistants (TAs) who served as support in classroom management, lesson delivery, logistical tasks, equipment managers, etc. Acted as a the on-site representative of Girls Who Code, including serving as host to executive level guests in the classroom and on field trips, thereby supporting the growth and development of Girls Who Code relationships with important partners. Effectively addressed students’ challenges and questions, so as to ensure that all students are engaged and actively learning course material. Communicated regularly and effectively with all Girls Who Code staff to guide the delivery and flow of talks, activities, and field trips to ensure maximum understanding and intake of material for students. Counsel students on professional and personal levels, as needed or requested, with maturity and appropriate discretion. Interfaced with student families as needed.


Consultant (Oboe Instructor)

Oboe instructor for the Hopkins Advanced Elementary Band. I teach the students playing the oboe techniques to improve scales, group music, and audition music.

WAGEWORKS INC., San Mateo, CA 2017

Email Communications Specialist

Reorganized the electronic filing system in Eloqua to match other filing systems to make it easier to find past email campaigns. Created MSRs in Salesforce to help the company keep track of work done for customers for billing purposes. Created a email campaigns in Eloqua to keep customers informed about their account(s) using merge fields to provide personalization (ie first/last names of recipient, balance of accounts, and dates). Created reports using Eloqua, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Tableau to help show customers strategies that could be used to have better open and  clickthrough rates.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY, San Francisco, CA 2016

Data Science Immersive Student

This is a course to teach data science. In the course I used my background in Mathematics education to analyze reports and present them. I learned about how to use coding to analyze larger datasets, that would take weeks, months, or years to analyze by hand, using the methods listed above.

  • Capstone Project
    • Collected and cleaned data and created visuals to explain the results of student absences and lateness.
  • Weekly assignments
    • Analyzed provided data using Linear and Logistic Regression, regularization of the data to remove outliers, KNN, Decision Trees, Model evaluation with ROC curves, Cross Validation, and/or Grid Search and finishing by creating a presentation to show results of the analysis for the purpose of showing I understood the processes and how to read the results



Filled in for paraprofessionals throughout the district as needed until a full-time position opened. Provided stability and assistance for special needs students and worked with the rest of the class as needed.


Teaching Assistant

Collected and analyzed data on student performance to identify gap areas in knowledge and created new lesson plans.


Teaching Assistant

Ran a section of 25-40 students after lectures on Calculus I for non science majors to answer questions, graded homework, midterms, and finals.

Community Organizer

Organization Title Responsibility Years
PyLadies Organizer Organize an event, find mentors for beginner group 2017- present
BayBridgePython Co-Organizer Organize meet-ups 2017-present
DjangoConUS 2017 Co-Chair of Sprints Organize and help run sprints 2017
DjangoConUS 2018 Co-Chair Organize conference, run organizer meetings 2018


DjangoCon EU 2016 — “5 Ways to Improve Your Beginner Workshop”

DjangoCon US 2016 — “People are coming to my beginning workshop, now what?”

PyDx 2016 — “People are coming to my beginning workshop, now what?”


Artificial Intelligence: Implications for business strategy program, MIT Sloan & MIT CSAIL, Online - 2018

Data Science Immersive Program, General Assembly, San Francisco, CA, 2016

Bachelor of Science (BS), Mathematics with an Emphasis on Education, Music minor California State University East Bay, Hayward, CA, 2016

Completed 300+ credits for BS in Mathematics prior to transferring, University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, 2011

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